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We’re obsessed with great IPA. Some would call it a Fixation, and so we did. After a number of IPA sabbaticals to the West Coat of the USA, we were fascinated by how the brewers have taken this style and made it their own. They showcased just how fantastic fresh IPAs can be. We think IPA’s are at their best when they are fresh, that big flavoursome hop aroma is just amazing when the beer is only days old. On the flip-side, they can be disappointing with a bit of age on them, they lose that awesome floral hop character and are not always at their best by the time we get to drink them at home. So we set Fixation Brewing Co. up to be Fixated on one thing, making the best IPA’s possible. It’s backed by people who know beer and fronted by a man who has a fanatical obsession with the style. WE had an inkling that there was room in the Australian beer landscape for a beer business that is purely focused on well made, fresh American style IPA, and Tom Delmont is the passionate IPA enthusiast to deliver it to the IPA fanatics of Australia.

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414 Smith Street
Collingwood, Victoria 3066

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