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Long before craft brewing was a scene on the Gold Coast, there was Burleigh Brewing. Quietly, expertly toiling away on the best damn craft beers this side of the border (and let’s face it, beyond). Sure, we’re established and experienced but we’re never complacent — we’re eternally curious. We’re pioneers. Trailblazers. Beer artisans — bartisans, if you will. Our ethos is deliberately simple — balance, character and soul — it’s who we are and how we brew and it flows naturally in our craft beers and throughout our business. The only thing we love more than brewing the golden stuff, is sharing it with the extraordinary people that inspire it — the locals. We’re not just talking about Gold Coasters, we’re talking about the community of passionate folk all around Australia. Our dedication to our craft means that we take our time, use carefully selected ingredients, labour over our recipes, design exacting processes and follow them to the letter. Every step of the brewing process has a significant effect on the final product’s quality, flavour and stability. There’s no use in having standards if you don’t stick to them. So our standards are non-negotiable. Our ‘local first’ approach dictates that if ingredients and packaging materials are available in Australia, we buy them here. The closer to Burleigh, the better. We’ve achieved impressive water and energy efficiency, and ensured the shelf life of our beer without the need for chemicals or pasteurisation. While we like to let our customers be the judge, sometimes we let judges be the judge. To keep pushing our own very high standards, we often pit out craft beers against the best in the world. We’re proud that our beers consistently earn Gold Medals at the World Beer Championships — 24 to be exact, that’s more than any other Australian brewer — but who’s counting? (Us, we have a spreadsheet). We’ve also won 17 silvers to date, which would feel more impressive if we hadn’t won all that gold. Join us at the Burleigh Brewing Taphouse to experience our world class beers on tap!

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AWARDS Winner of 24 World Beer Championship Gold Medals

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2 Ern Harley Drive
Burleigh Heads, Queensland 4220

Not far from the Pacific Highway, and not far to the beach. Easy to get to from all sides.

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Fax: 07 5593 4440

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Burleigh Brewing Taphouse Friday 3:00pm - 8:30pm Saturday 3:00pm - 8:30pm Sunday 2:00pm - 6:00pm Backstage with the Brewmaster Tour: We don’t call Brennan, ‘Brewmaster Brennan’ because we’re suckers for alliteration — we call him that because he docks our pay if we don’t. That, and the fact that when it comes to brewing incredible beer, Brennan is a dead set guru, with a lifetime of experience. Here’s your chance to pick that big beery brain of his! Join Brewmaster Brennan on a behind the scenes tour of our gorgeous brewery, learning who we are, what we do, how we do it and why. Then hang out in our Taphouse for a little bit longer for shared food platters, matching beers and witty repartee. Bookings can be made via or by calling 07 5593 6000

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07 5593 6000

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