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Like when Captain Cook set off from England in 1768 on his voyage of discovery. He had a brewery of sorts on board the Endeavour. Three years later, he discovered Australia, and we discovered beer. The point is, the world-over, people have been brewing beer for a really long time. So it’s what you might call a bit of a challenge to come up with something new. Luckily, at Burleigh Brewing, we like a challenge. Having our own brewery makes us a bit like a kid with a chemistry set. Although we flat out refuse to use any chemicals. So, we’re like a kid with a chemistry set that has no chemicals in it. Well, you get the basic concept. We get to try out new ideas, combinations and styles whenever the feeling takes us. Which is often. As a proud craft brewer (try saying that when you’ve had a couple) with an internationally-trained Brewmaster leading our brewing team, we’re committed to maintaining the brewing traditions of centuries gone by. So we use a selection of the finest, purest natural ingredients and give them lots and lots of time to do their thing. But just as importantly, we have a thirst for adventure. Our Brewmaster, Brennan, is also a surf-loving Hawaiian who grew up darting around exotic islands on his parents’ boat. Brennan’s wife, Peta, jumped ship from a career in corporate law to get the brewery up and running (and now gets to boss him around on a daily basis). When it came to setting up our authentic, European-style brewery, the laid-back beach town of Burleigh was the perfect match for our unrushed approach to beer making. So here we are, one of Queensland’s premium brewers and the Gold Coast’s premier craft brewery. FEATURES Burleigh Brewing Company is the premier craft brewery on the Gold Coast as well as the largest Australian owned Brewery in Queensland. In addition to producing world-class beers, Burleigh Brewing Company takes pride in being a responsible corporate and community role model with progressive eco-friendly programs and practices. Want to be a part of our community? (We are a lot of fun to share a beer with, we promise). The Taphouse is open every Wed & Thurs from 3pm - 6pm, Fridays 3pm - 8.30pm and Sundays (summer) 2pm - 8pm / (winter) 12pm - 6pm. Enjoy a beer poured fresh from our impressive 24 tap tower then chill out beneath the tanks and perhaps even chat to our brew crew about what you are drinking. Takeaway cartons and growler fills are also available during our opening hours, as are free walk-through tours of our production and packaging facility. On Fridays and Sundays we host a local musician and local food truck to ease you into and out of the weekend on the right note. You can check who is playing and cooking each week by visiting the "hoppenings" page of our website

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2 Ern Harley Drive
Burleigh Heads, Queensland 4220

Not far from the Pacific Highway, and not far to the beach. Easy to get to from all sides.

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Brewery & Taphouse Wed & Thurs 3pm -6pm Friday 3pm - 8.30pm Sunday (summer) 2pm - 8pm Sundays (winter) 12pm - 6pm Brewery Tour - Backstage with the Brewmaster is an access-all-areas brewery experience with our Brewmaster Brennan Fielding, held on the third Wednesday of each month, bookings can be made via or by calling 07 5593 6000

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07 5593 6000

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