Red Hill Brewery Wheat Beer Hefeweizen

Offered by Red Hill Brewery

Based on the Bavarian style of Hefeweizen, this brew is cloudy in appearance, aromatic and highly carbonated. Lightly hopped with the noble hop variety of Tettnanger flowers. You may notice “banana” aromas which is created by the special type of yeast used and the higher fermentation temperatures. This is balanced by a tart finish on the palate which is caused by the high percentage of Wheat Malt in the grain bill. You really must drink this one in the 500ml tall glasses specially designed for this beer to fully appreciate the creamy, white head and aromatics of the beer.

Malt: Wheat & Pilsner
Hops Bittering: Tettnang
Aroma: Tettnang
Original Gravity: 1052
Bitterness: 12 IBU
Availability: Year Round

5% ABV

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