Red Hill Brewery Pilsner Lager

Offered by Red Hill Brewery

Based on one of our most popular seasonal brews, this is an unfiltered, clean & balanced pilsner.  A generous malt character imparts a slight sweetness which is balanced by a potent hop bitterness, achieved by 3 hefty additions of hop flowers in the boil.   A cold fermentation period follows when plenty of hop are steeped in the conditioning tanks creating a floral and spicy aroma.  Golden in colour with a dense white head, you will be left with the hoporific effect of having the corners of your mouth go up!

Malt Pilsner, Light Munich, Cara Pils
Hops Bittering: Hallertau
Aroma: Hallertau
Original Gravity: 1047
Bitterness: 28 IBU
Availability: Year Round

5.2% ABV

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