Red Hill Brewery Kolsch Golden Ale

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The Kolsch Golden Ale is style of beer made famous by the German brewers of Cologne in Germany. Famed for its brightness, clarity and easy drinking style

Pale and crisp light bodied ale, fruity with a restrained hoppy dryness from Hallertauer & Tettnanger hop flowers. Cool fermentation creates a crisp, clean finish. It features best quality imported German Pilsner Malt. We also add a touch of Australian grown Wheat Malt to improve head retention on this beer.

Whilst it is fermented with ale yeast it is then finished in cold temperatures like a lager. The result is a style that exhibits some of the best characteristics of both categories. Kolsches tend to be light and drinkable, but typically exhibit the much crisper, cleaner finish you would expect from a pale lager. These attributes make Kolsch an extremely quaffable beer that goes down easy and yet still begs for another sip, perfect for warm weather or any time you want something simple that still has a bit of integrity.Malt Pilsner & Wheat

Hops Bittering: Halletau
Aroma: Tettnang
Original Gravity: 1047
Bitterness: 20 IBU
Availability: Year Round

5% ABV

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